Castleisland Co-op Mart

Sales Catalogue
04/12/2023 Mon
In Auction
M CHX 9m,19d x1
M AAX 9m,3d x3
M AAX 9m,3d x3
M AAX 9m,20d x1
M HEX 9m,4d x1
M CHX 5m,28d x3
M AAX 10m,10d x1
M AAX 10m,10d x1
M LMX 7m,6d x1
M LMX 7m,8d x1
M CHX 8m,25d x1
M CH 9m,3d x1
M LMX 8m,20d x1
M CHX 9m,2d x1
M CHX 8m,26d x1
M CHX 6m,29d x2
M AAX 8m,17d x1
M LMX 10m,6d x1
M AAX,HEX 9m,5d x3
M FR 9m,18d x3
M SIX 9m,3d x5
M LMX 9m,21d x2
M LMX 8m,26d x2
F CHX 13m,17d x1
F CH,CHX 10m,15d x2
F CHX,LMX 10m,22d x2
F LMX 9m,8d x2
F CHX 9m,1d x1
F CHX 8m,25d x1
F AAX 9m,11d x5
F AAX 9m,19d x6
F HEX 9m,6d x5
F HEX 7m,26d x4
F HEX 17m,14d x1
F BBX 6m,5d x1
F SIX 8m,26d x1
F SIX 7m,25d x1
M LMX 5m,18d x1 Sold 715.00 244.00Kg
M LMX 5m,16d x1 Sold 600.00 272.00Kg
M HEX 7m,13d x1 Sold 505.00 210.00Kg
M HEX 8m,3d x3 Sold 370.00 170.00Kg
M FR 9m,1d x1 Sold 175.00 164.00Kg
M CHX,CH 6m,15d x3 Sold 430.00 181.00Kg
M HEX 8m,25d x1 Sold 335.00 178.00Kg
M LMX 8m,4d x1 Sold 280.00 120.00Kg
M LMX 8m,21d x1 Sold 690.00 226.00Kg
M LMX 5m,14d x1 Sold 570.00 190.00Kg
M AAX 9m,13d x3 Sold 570.00 239.00Kg
M CHX 9m,27d x1 Sold 1140.00 438.00Kg
M CHX 7m,27d x1 Sold 1000.00 332.00Kg
M CHX 6m,28d x1 Sold 800.00 292.00Kg
M, F CHX 6m,28d x3 Sold 695.00 242.00Kg
M AAX 9m,0d x1 Sold 550.00 244.00Kg
M AAX 8m,20d x1 Sold 440.00 178.00Kg
M HEX 8m,30d x1 Sold 360.00 156.00Kg
M HEX 8m,21d x1 Sold 450.00 200.00Kg
F LMX,AAX 5m,22d x2 Sold 475.00 190.00Kg
F HEX 7m,11d x4 Sold 560.00 208.00Kg
F, M AAX,HEX,GAX 8m,26d x10 Sold 285.00 150.00Kg
F LMX 9m,12d x1 Sold 260.00 188.00Kg
F LMX 6m,23d x1 Sold 690.00 210.00Kg
F AAX 9m,15d x5 Sold 525.00 249.00Kg
F LMX 5m,1d x2 Sold 645.00 196.00Kg
F, M CHX 6m,22d x3 Sold 625.00 214.00Kg
F AA 7m,24d x1 Sold 500.00 222.00Kg
F HEX 8m,11d x1 Sold 340.00 170.00Kg
Sold 335.00 188.00Kg
M AAX 1m,8d x1 Unsold
F HEX 0m,27d x1 Sold 270.00
F HEX 1m,3d x1 Sold 330.00
F HEX 1m,3d x1 Sold 255.00
M AAX 0m,27d x1 Sold 245.00
M SIX 0m,23d x1 Sold 360.00
F SIX 0m,22d x1 Sold 230.00
M SIX 0m,23d x1 Sold 205.00
M SIX 0m,22d x1 Sold 235.00
F SIX 0m,23d x1 Sold 230.00
F AAX 1m,15d x1 Sold 190.00
M AAX 0m,21d x2 Sold 260.00
F HEX 0m,27d x1 Sold 205.00
M, F HEX 1m,3d x5 Sold 315.00
F HEX 1m,3d x1 Sold 120.00
F HEX 1m,2d x1 Sold 225.00
M HEX 1m,11d x1 Sold 290.00
M AAX 1m,3d x1 Sold 305.00
M HEX 2m,1d x1 Sold 205.00
F HEX 2m,0d x1 Sold 205.00
M HEX 1m,30d x1 Sold 150.00
M AAX 4m,5d x3

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