Dungarvan Mart (Cork Marts)

Sales Catalogue
04/12/2023 Mon
In Auction
M BULLOCK SIX 20m,2d x1 Sold 1490.00 605.00Kg
Sold 1200.00 466.00Kg
M BULLOCK AAX 19m,28d x2 Sold 660.00 322.00Kg
M BULLOCK FR 20m,21d x1 Sold 670.00 410.00Kg
M BULLOCK HEX 20m,3d x1 Sold 970.00 400.00Kg
M BULLOCK AAX 20m,5d x1 Sold 1020.00 420.00Kg
M BULLOCK AAX 20m,6d x2 Sold 980.00 407.00Kg
M BULLOCK FR,FRX,LMX 22m,0d x1 Sold 800.00 455.00Kg
M BULLOCK AAX 20m,28d x1 Sold 1090.00 443.00Kg
Sold 575.00Kg
Sold 1330.00 560.00Kg
Sold 760.00 440.00Kg
M BULLOCK x1 Sold 1250.00 568.00Kg
M BULLOCK x1 Sold 1210.00 550.00Kg
Sold 1160.00 490.00Kg
Sold 570.00 340.00Kg
Sold 780.00 415.00Kg
Sold 1050.00 500.00Kg
Sold 1000.00 495.00Kg
Sold 1510.00 620.00Kg
Sold 1100.00 478.00Kg
Sold 850.00 486.00Kg
Sold 1120.00 520.00Kg
M BULLOCK x1 Sold 830.00 392.00Kg
M BULLOCK x1 Sold 720.00 412.00Kg
M BULLOCK x1 Sold 800.00 446.00Kg
M BULLOCK x1 Sold 670.00 365.00Kg
Sold 960.00 395.00Kg
Sold 1120.00 520.00Kg
M BULLOCK x1 Sold 930.00 492.00Kg
M BULLOCK AAX 19m,22d x3 Sold 890.00 363.00Kg
M BULLOCK AAX 16m,26d x6 Sold 720.00 303.00Kg
M BULLOCK AAX 27m,21d x2 Sold 1230.00 537.00Kg
M BULLOCK AAX 22m,13d x3 Sold 1000.00 436.00Kg
M BULLOCK FRX 22m,13d x4 Sold 910.00 487.00Kg
Sold 1010.00 410.00Kg
Sold 990.00 383.00Kg
Sold 860.00 427.00Kg
F HEIFER x1 Sold 730.00 380.00Kg
F HEIFER x1 Sold 710.00 355.00Kg
Sold 1180.00 545.00Kg
Sold 710.00 405.00Kg
Sold 990.00 430.00Kg
Sold 1060.00 466.00Kg
Sold 950.00 433.00Kg
F HEIFER AAX 20m,29d x6 Sold 870.00 396.00Kg
Sold 840.00 400.00Kg
Sold 780.00 417.00Kg
Sold 790.00 390.00Kg
Sold 550.00 277.00Kg
Sold 720.00 346.00Kg
Sold 400.00 325.00Kg
F HEIFER CHX 22m,20d x1 Sold 1300.00 550.00Kg
Sold 980.00 410.00Kg
F HEIFER AAX 16m,25d x2 Sold 790.00 355.00Kg
F HEIFER AAX 19m,16d x2 Sold 840.00 377.00Kg
F HEIFER FRX 21m,12d x1 Sold 800.00 450.00Kg
F HEIFER CHX 17m,10d x1 Sold 1400.00 565.00Kg
F HEIFER AAX 21m,22d x5 Sold 1030.00 463.00Kg
F HEIFER AAX 21m,27d x4 Sold 1120.00 491.00Kg
F HEIFER BBX 21m,22d x1 Sold 940.00 470.00Kg
Sold 1080.00 473.00Kg
Sold 890.00 400.00Kg
Sold 990.00 445.00Kg
Sold 760.00 430.00Kg
M CALF AAX 3m,10d x3 Sold 20.00 61.00Kg
F CALF AAX 5m,9d x1 Sold 110.00 105.00Kg
M CALF AAX 5m,10d x1 Sold 110.00 95.00Kg
F CALF AAX 4m,25d x1 Sold 20.00 70.00Kg
M WEAN AAX 16m,2d x1 Sold 750.00 370.00Kg
M WEAN HEX 12m,20d x2 Sold 420.00 185.00Kg
M WEAN x1 Sold 670.00 245.00Kg
M WEAN x1 Sold 750.00 310.00Kg
Sold 530.00 205.00Kg
Sold 510.00 202.00Kg
Sold 640.00 245.00Kg
F WEAN x1 Sold 700.00 307.00Kg
F WEAN x1 Sold 690.00 286.00Kg
F WEAN x1 Sold 680.00 256.00Kg
F WEAN x1 Sold 630.00 226.00Kg
F WEAN LMX 7m,19d x2 Sold 650.00 272.00Kg
Sold 550.00 225.00Kg
Sold 390.00 220.00Kg
F WEAN HEX 12m,26d x3 Sold 470.00 208.00Kg
F COW NRX 94m,13d x1 Sold 690.00Kg
F COW FR 58m,10d x1 Sold 960.00 615.00Kg
F COW FR 58m,9d x1 Sold 660.00Kg
F COW FR 82m,9d x1 Sold 910.00 655.00Kg
F COW FR 70m,9d x1 Sold 970.00 640.00Kg
F COW FR 69m,24d x1 Sold 670.00 530.00Kg
F COW FR 80m,18d x1 Sold 1100.00 705.00Kg
F COW FR 56m,12d x1 Sold 700.00 545.00Kg
F COW FR 82m,18d x1 Sold 10.00 570.00Kg
F COW FR 129m,11d x1 Sold 820.00 635.00Kg
F COW FRX 46m,0d x1 Sold 610.00 515.00Kg
F COW FR 95m,1d x1 Sold 730.00 635.00Kg
F COW FR 57m,20d x1 Sold 640.00 525.00Kg
F COW FR 142m,8d x1 Sold 850.00 700.00Kg
F COW FRX 141m,21d x1 Sold 790.00 570.00Kg
F COW FRX 117m,23d x1 Sold 690.00 550.00Kg
F COW FRX 141m,23d x1 Sold 630.00Kg
F COW FR 45m,8d x1 Sold 450.00 435.00Kg
F COW FR 46m,1d x1 Sold 430.00 450.00Kg
F COW FR 57m,24d x1 Sold 510.00 490.00Kg
F COW FR 58m,0d x1 Sold 640.00 520.00Kg
F COW FR 57m,15d x1 Sold 580.00 500.00Kg
F COW FR 82m,2d x1 Sold 940.00 650.00Kg
F COW FR 20m,10d x4 Sold 820.00 445.00Kg
F COW FRX,FR 20m,22d x4 Sold 485.00Kg
F COW FR 21m,2d x4 Sold 930.00 471.00Kg
F COW FRX 33m,20d x1 Sold 430.00 455.00Kg
F COW FR 82m,3d x1 Sold 680.00 565.00Kg
F COW FR 92m,26d x1 Sold 670.00 580.00Kg
F COW FRX 128m,27d x1 Sold 960.00 640.00Kg
F COW FR 149m,8d x1 Sold 900.00 635.00Kg
F COW FRX 33m,22d x1 Sold 420.00 425.00Kg
F COW FRX 58m,9d x1 Sold 780.00 570.00Kg
F COW JEX 57m,23d x1 Sold 460.00 480.00Kg
F COW JEX 69m,10d x1 Sold 430.00 525.00Kg
F COW FRX 45m,27d x1 Sold 760.00 565.00Kg
F COW FRX 33m,22d x1 Sold 500.00 465.00Kg
F COW FRX 93m,20d x1 Sold 640.00 535.00Kg
F COW FRX 93m,10d x1 Sold 690.00 660.00Kg
F COW FRX 33m,19d x1 Sold 450.00 480.00Kg
F COW FRX 81m,7d x1 Sold 940.00 565.00Kg
F COW FR 81m,16d x1 Sold 570.00Kg
F COW FRX 45m,22d x1 Sold 600.00 490.00Kg
F COW FRX 93m,10d x1 Sold 550.00 475.00Kg
F COW JEX 70m,12d x1 Sold 500.00 500.00Kg
F COW FRX 81m,16d x1 Sold 610.00Kg
F COW JEX 70m,9d x1 Sold 525.00Kg
F COW FRX 105m,27d x1 Sold 360.00 470.00Kg
F COW FR 46m,4d x1 Sold 710.00 535.00Kg
F COW FRX 105m,18d x1 Sold 660.00 580.00Kg
F COW FRX 81m,3d x1 Sold 640.00 610.00Kg
F COW JEX 69m,15d x1 Sold 600.00 560.00Kg
F COW FRX 69m,16d x1 Sold 595.00Kg
F COW FRX 118m,14d x1 Sold 1160.00 690.00Kg
F COW FR 58m,9d x1 Sold 1050.00 680.00Kg
F COW JEX 33m,24d x1 Sold 690.00 545.00Kg
F COW FR 34m,2d x1 Sold 1070.00 660.00Kg
F COW FR 68m,4d x1 Sold 1010.00 700.00Kg
F COW FR 93m,25d x1 Sold 680.00 585.00Kg
F COW AAX 31m,20d x1 Sold 970.00 585.00Kg
F COW FR 94m,14d x1 Sold 630.00 560.00Kg
F COW FR 94m,15d x1 Sold 870.00 695.00Kg
F COW FR 69m,22d x1 Sold 1300.00 665.00Kg
F COW FR 45m,18d x1 Sold 750.00 550.00Kg
F COW FRX 45m,13d x1 Sold 670.00 535.00Kg
F COW FRX 93m,15d x1 Sold 640.00 590.00Kg
F COW FR 44m,22d x1 Sold 970.00 645.00Kg
F COW FR 33m,5d x1 Sold 540.00 490.00Kg
F COW JEX 31m,14d x1 Sold 430.00Kg
F COW x1 Sold 500.00 545.00Kg
F COW LMX 108m,14d x1 Sold 1550.00 725.00Kg
F COW LMX 55m,19d x1 Sold 1760.00 770.00Kg
F COW SIX 80m,18d x1 Sold 1690.00 800.00Kg
F COW x1 Sold 590.00 460.00Kg
F COW x1 Sold 690.00 500.00Kg
F COW x1 Sold 680.00 620.00Kg
F COW x1 Sold 520.00Kg
F COW x1 Sold 700.00 575.00Kg
F COW x1 Sold 400.00 475.00Kg
F COW x1 Sold 650.00 510.00Kg
F COW x1 Sold 650.00 585.00Kg
Sold 440.00 575.00Kg
Sold 400.00 445.00Kg
Sold 760.00 570.00Kg
Sold 680.00 620.00Kg
Sold 700.00 610.00Kg
Sold 550.00 535.00Kg
Sold 635.00Kg

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