Kenmare Mart

Sales Catalogue
04/12/2023 Mon
In Auction
LAMBS x1 Sold 65.00
LAMBS x2 Sold 10.00 18.00Kg
LAMBS x1 Sold 40.00 26.00Kg
LAMBS x5 Sold 45.00
LAMBS x3 Sold 14.00 15.30Kg
LAMBS x4 Sold 42.00 25.00Kg
LAMBS x7 Sold 51.00 26.00Kg
LAMBS x1 Sold 56.00
LAMBS x8 Sold 44.00 27.30Kg
LAMBS x3 Sold 20.00 20.70Kg
LAMBS x3 Sold 56.00 29.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 39.00 22.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 44.00 23.00Kg
LAMBS x10 Sold 71.00 30.80Kg
LAMBS x5 Sold 60.00 32.00Kg
LAMBS x5 Sold 60.00 34.00Kg
LAMBS x8 Sold 43.00
LAMBS x1 Sold 54.00 50.00Kg
LAMBS x11 Sold 60.00 28.00Kg
LAMBS x9 Sold 68.00 31.30Kg
LAMBS x8 Sold 68.00 33.50Kg
LAMBS x9 Sold 42.00 23.80Kg
LAMBS x10 Sold 39.00 24.80Kg
LAMBS x13 Sold 80.00 34.00Kg
LAMBS x13 Sold 46.00 27.40Kg
LAMBS x6 Sold 33.00 21.30Kg
LAMBS x11 Sold 76.00 36.20Kg
LAMBS x3 Sold 60.00 29.30Kg
LAMBS x12 Sold 61.00 29.20Kg
LAMBS x3 Sold 97.00 365.30Kg
LAMBS x7 Sold 75.00 31.70Kg
LAMBS x12 Sold 71.00 31.00Kg
LAMBS x5 Sold 90.00 37.20Kg
LAMBS x9 Sold 92.00 34.70Kg
LAMBS x9 Sold 117.00
LAMBS x3 Sold 105.00 38.70Kg
LAMBS x10 Sold 122.00
LAMBS x4 Sold 92.00 38.00Kg
LAMBS x8 Sold 102.00 41.00Kg
LAMBS x8 Sold 90.00
LAMBS x8 Sold 52.00 30.90Kg
LAMBS x4 Sold 30.00 33.00Kg
Sold 41.00 28.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 80.00 35.00Kg
LAMBS x5 Sold 53.00 27.60Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 72.00 33.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 60.00 27.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 80.00 34.00Kg
LAMBS x6 Sold 93.00 37.00Kg
LAMBS x5 Sold 74.00 32.40Kg
LAMBS x6 Sold 68.00
LAMBS x6 Sold 55.00
LAMBS x6 Sold 49.00 32.30Kg
LAMBS x3 Sold 45.00 24.00Kg
LAMBS x5 Sold 45.00 26.00Kg
LAMBS x6 Sold 60.00 29.00Kg
LAMBS x4 Sold 59.00 29.00Kg
LAMBS x8 Sold 51.00 26.50Kg
LAMBS x7 Sold 47.00 23.70Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 30.00 20.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 40.00 21.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 25.00 17.00Kg
LAMBS x3 Sold 32.00 18.00Kg
LAMBS x1 Sold 35.00 22.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 85.00 46.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 40.00 28.00Kg
LAMBS x6 Sold 56.00 26.30Kg
LAMBS x7 Sold 42.00 22.60Kg
LAMBS x32 Sold 64.00 34.30Kg
LAMBS x10 Sold 90.00 39.60Kg
LAMBS x4 Sold 90.00 38.00Kg
LAMBS x6 Sold 63.00 30.70Kg
LAMBS x1 Sold 95.00
LAMBS x6 Sold 70.00 52.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 75.00 35.00Kg
LAMBS x2 Sold 73.00
LAMBS x2 Sold 42.00 26.00Kg
Sold 56.00 30.00Kg
LAMBS x9 Sold 40.00 24.20Kg
Sold 79.00
Sold 46.00 26.90Kg
B EWE x8 Sold 40.00 45.80Kg
B EWE x4 Sold 49.00 52.00Kg
B EWE x4 Sold 55.00 54.50Kg
B EWE x1 Sold 39.00 50.00Kg
B EWE x3 Sold 50.00 43.30Kg
B EWE x7 Sold 30.00 41.70Kg
B EWE x15 Sold 27.00 47.90Kg
B EWE x3 Sold 23.00 37.30Kg
B EWE x9 Sold 18.00 42.70Kg
B EWE x1 Sold 27.00 46.00Kg
B EWE x1 Sold 82.00 50.00Kg
B EWE x2 Sold 85.00 59.00Kg
B EWE x4 Sold 50.00 48.00Kg
B EWE x8 Sold 55.00 46.00Kg
Sold 44.00 55.30Kg
Sold 49.00 52.00Kg
Sold 29.00 52.00Kg
OLD EWES x8 Sold 26.00 43.80Kg
OLD EWES x8 Sold 49.00 54.80Kg
OLD EWES x2 Sold 40.00 54.00Kg
OLD EWES x1 Sold 38.00 52.00Kg
OLD EWES x2 Sold 30.00 51.00Kg
OLD EWES x5 Sold 36.00 149.60Kg
OLD EWES x9 Sold 23.00 44.00Kg
OLD EWES x3 Sold 41.00 50.70Kg
OLD EWES x2 Sold 28.00 47.00Kg
OLD EWES x3 Sold 19.00 44.00Kg
B RAM x1 Sold 126.00 84.00Kg
B RAM x1 Sold 90.00 76.00Kg
RAM x1 Sold 78.00 84.00Kg
B RAM x1 Sold 80.00 66.00Kg
B RAM x1 Sold 100.00 100.00Kg
B RAM x1 Sold 74.00 78.00Kg
B RAM x1 Sold 78.00 84.00Kg
B RAM x1 Sold 118.00 198.00Kg
B RAM x1 Sold 90.00 84.00Kg
Sold 62.00 86.00Kg
B RAM x1 Sold 74.00 72.00Kg
B RAM x1
Sold 88.00 84.00Kg
BUTCH LAMB x1 Sold 98.00 52.00Kg
BUTCH LAMB x8 Sold 104.00 42.00Kg

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